What Can I Say, I’m Obsessed!

Day 2 of all things Younique.

With over 30 different pigment colors to choose from, I have become obsessed with wearing the color on my lips! Today’s color is Provoked blended with Curious then a little Loyal Lip Gloss over the top for some extra shine!


To get this look, apply Provoked wet on the outside of your lips and allow to dry. Next apply Curious along the inside and blend both colors together. Add a coat of your favorite lip balm or one of my favorite lip glosses ~ Loyal 


Be Younique!

Most of you know I am a Younique presenter and am obsessed with our AMAZING 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. This mascara is life changing! I have had make up artists at the mall ask if I was wearing false eye lashes or extensions! Get yours today!


Not only do I LOVE the 3D mascara but the rest of the Younique cosmetic line is FABULOUS! They offer a great selection of Eye Shadow Pigments, Blushers, Cream Foundations, Concealers and Powder Foundations.

So! For the month of April I will be sharing each day the awesomeness of Younique ~ from the incredible 3D FiberLash Mascara to the amazing Eye Shadow Pigments and their versatility (they are NOT just for your eyes!)

There are a couple more days to order from my current party – It’s Time to Bat Your Lashes

Please follow me, share my page, comment below! Are you using the 3D Mascara now? Share your love and leave a comment on why you love this stuff!

Until tomorrow…